September 21, 2007

God forgives us and we forgive each other

What do we know about Yom Kippur?

I asked myself this question many times. Twice I lost jobs just hours before Kol Nidre Service begins. Twice it was done by american non-Jewish women and twice I asked them: "Why do you do such painful procedure just hours before the Holiest Day for Jews?" Unexpectably for me, twice I received the same answer:"We don't know anything about Yom Kippur..."

It's was a lie. Knowning me, they just wanted make this more painful. Both of these companies went out of business and every year I ask God to punish every person, who does not know anything about Yom Kippur.

Forgive, but don't forget about antisemitism... Remember, it's quite hidden.

The Holy menu for the Holiest Day of the Year
Menus for Before and After Yom Kippur

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