November 05, 2008

Jews and Obama: hopes for CHANGE

Despite the tense rift between Republican and Democratic Jews over the course of the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, exit polls on Tuesday showed that Barack Obama received about 77 percent of the Jewish vote Read (English)

«Предварительные результаты голосования потрясают, — говорит Айра Форман, исполнительный директор Национального еврейского демократического совета. — Но нам нужно увидеть окончательные цифры». Read (Russian)

Are we ready for a better HEALTH CARE system? Is he going to do? REMEMBER: CLINTONS BROKE THE PROMISE, and now...

Are we ready for new and better jobs, which will create stability in our life? Is he going to do? REMEMBER: WE NEED JOBS!

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